Few Words

Our inner resources include the power of thought and imagination and the creative force of our spirit energy. However dormant or neglected those might be they can be awakened to provide us with vitality, strength, and determination.

Crystals have been used for centuries to protect and realign subtle energies. There are hundreds from which you can choose and they all have their own unique metaphysical properties. The more you allow yourself to explore and learn the more effective they become.

Kiron Jewelry, in fact, was born out of love for the beauty and energy of the mineral kingdom; all of our pieces unify the power of (your) intention with the healing energy of the crystal and the Universal Energy Force.

Each of us is drawn to different crystals for different reasons. What matters the most is to trust in your intuition. Whether you are a seasoned inner space explorer and do believe in the energy they hold or someone who is just curious and looking for something different, I hope that you will find something that screams your name while it whispers to your soul…