Crystals work through resonance and  vibration  and  are connected to our energy & intuition, and respond to the intention of the human will. Setting intentions with crystals can be a powerful exercise that brings more balance into your life. We recommend dedicating your crystals and jewelry pieces to the purpose for which you intend to use them. Wherever you might be on your journey and whatever your goals are, they all begin with an intention.

Suggested Intentions

Set an intention


Most of us have energetic blocks and many self-sabotaging habits that lower our vibration and leave us feeling exhausted. Raise your consciousness level and become aware of your actions and their effect on you and those around you.

Ground & Balance

Stop being trapped by the thoughts in your mind. Bring focus and attention to what is happening in your physical surroundings.


We are sensitive beings capable of picking up energies. Wearing crystals forms a shield around your aura that will protect you from intentional and unintentional psychic attacks.

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