Genuine Amber & Black Onyx Bracelet

4mm Amber & Black Onyx Stretch Bracelet 



Black Onyx   is a  protective and strength-giving stone that  offers its wearer powerful vibrations of  focus and  willpower  to stay grounded  and   centered  during stress or in confusing situations. By wearing Onyx daily you will shield your aura from from harmful  energies and negative influences .  It has been used  for a while now  as source of protection  since  it  is one  of the strongest black stones known.


Amber is not a crystal but a tree resin that solidifies  and becomes fossilized. It has a very strong connection with earth and and it is a great grounding stone for higher energies.  Amber has been used for protection  by many different  cultures  for centuries as it is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer.

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7.5', 7', 8'

1 review for Genuine Amber & Black Onyx Bracelet

  1. Sunny

    Gorgeous bracelet! I got 3 because I love to stack them together. Amber is so shiny and beautiful. High quality product you can immediately tell. I didn’t know much about black Onyx but love everything black. When the artist told me about it I knew exactly why I was immediately drawn to it.
    Love my bracelets! I have other Kiron bracelets that are on a wire that I equally love, but these are my new obsession. Highly recommend the store and artist! She is incredible! 😍

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