The right necklace  can make all the difference between an interesting   appearance and a boring one.  This long necklace  is  30 in / 76 cm of  captivating mixture of Black Spinel, Peridot and  Herkimer Diamonds with Obsidian, Prehnite &  Crystal Butterfly pendant will help you sparkle and shine wherever you   find yourself at.

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This captivating   long necklace  is made out of Black Spinel, Peridot and  few  Herkimer Diamonds with Obsidian, Prehnite &  Crystal Butterfly.


Black Spinel

is a beautiful protective crystal that is connected with energy renewal and rejuvenation. This mysterious black gemstone is a  natural occurrence  and good quality Spinel   does not require any chemical treatment which makes it a lovely and  sparkly  addition to your healing collection.  It is  8 on the hardness scale so it makes it very easy to take care of due to its hardness and durability.


Herkimer Diamonds

promote  creativity and stimulate  psychic abilities.


Black Obsidian

natural stone formed by cooled volcanic lava connected to the root chakra and  as many other black stones great to use for grounding and protection .



to enhance visualization process and deep meditation .



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