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Crystal Set

This set includes Moon phases engraved Selenite  Stick & 5 Crystal Obelisk Points. 3 Palos Santo pieces and a mystery crystal. Picture shows raw obsidian but we could include anything from  crystal  cluster or  tumbled stones to another crystal point tower.


5 in stock



Most used to cleanse and charge other crystals.  It’s a very  calming  and high vibrating but soft mineral that   can be easily scratched.

Clear Quartz

Most recognized and  powerful energy amplifier on the planet with  powerful healing properties referred to as Master Healer.

Rose Quartz

Promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds.

Lapis Lazuli

Encourages self awareness and speaking one’s truth.


It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. 

Black Obsidian

Protective and truth enhancing stone that inspires self control.


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