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Genuine Amethyst Stretch Bracelet

Amethyst derives its name from the Greek word ametusthos which means ‘not intoxicated’. Amethyst  is a stone of spiritual protection and purification and it is  thought to be useful in the prevention of drunkenness and overindulgence due to its ability to cleanse one’s field of negative influences and attachments.




Genuine Amethyst Stretch Bracelet

Amethyst is a member of Quartz family with a Mohs scale hardness of 7.  Its durability, powerful spiritual meaning and colors ranging from pale lilac to deep purple makes it one of the ideal gems for jewelry creation.  

In the spiritual world Amethyst is associated with the third eye chakra and connection to the divine  it is most sought after by crystal healing  enthusiasts because of its strong protective, healing and cleansing vibration. 


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