Zorya Long Necklace

One of a kind    ♥ ♥ 

This handmade long  necklace is 30 inches unique and  charming   mixture of dainty Black Spinel,  Strawberry Quartz ,  Watermelon Tourmaline and few crystal cubes with double point Amethyst crystal and Shungite triangle.


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Handmade long necklace made out of  Black Spinel, Strawberry Quartz   & Watermelon Tourmaline semi precious  gems   with Amethyst and Shungite Pendant.


Black Spinel

is a beautiful protective crystal that is connected with energy renewal and rejuvenation. This mysterious black gemstone is a  natural occurrence  and good quality Spinel   does not require any chemical treatment which makes it a lovely and  sparkly  addition to your healing collection.  It is  8 on the hardness scale so it makes it very easy to take care of due to its hardness and durability.


Strawberry Quartz

is a semi precious gem that embodies high vibration of love.


Watermelon  Tourmaline 

With a Moh’s scale hardness of 7-7.5,  the watermelon tourmaline is a relatively durable stone for jewelry design.  Vibrant  and eye-catching colors  that resemble the fruit of the same name makes tourmaline  one of Kiron’s favorite  gems when playing with the design.    

The term Tourmaline is derived from the phrase tura mali which in Singhalese means stone mixed with vibrant colors.  In the spiritual realm  watermelon tourmaline is connected to the heart chakra and it is great for cleaning and removing any blockages so that the balance can be restored, and  creativity and healthy self-expression inspired. 



Amethyst is a member of Quartz family with a Mohs scale hardness of 7.  Its durability, powerful spiritual meaning and colors ranging from pale lilac to deep purple makes it one of the ideal gems for jewelry creation.  

In the spiritual world Amethyst is associated with the third eye chakra and connection to the divine  it is most sought after by crystal healing  enthusiasts because of its strong protective, healing and cleansing vibration. 

Throughout history, the special vibration  of Amethyst has been that of preventing drunkenness and overindulgence whether it be physical or mystical ,  so it is not a shocker that most  at the beginning of a crystal  healing journey sooner or later acquire  piece of   Amethyst in one shape or form.  



due to its powerful ion-exchange properties this 2 billion year old mineral is lately one of the most admired in the mineral kingdom. Its ability to absorb , remove and shield the body (or space) from electromagnetic emissions , pollutants , bacteria and viruses makes it a great companion  for home, the office or when you are on the go. 




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