Magic Serendipity Black Spinel and Labradorite Long Necklace

Size : 33 inches  / 83.5  cm long

alluring mixture of  protective Black Spinel and mystical Labradorite.♥


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Black Spinel is a beautiful protective crystal that is connected with energy renewal and rejuvenation.This mysterious black gemstone is a  natural occurrence  and good quality Spinel   does not require any chemical treatment which makes it a lovely and  sparkly  addition to your healing collection.  It is  8 on the hardness scale so it makes it very easy to take care of due to its hardness and durability.  


Labradorite is another mystical stone for those who seek knowledge and follow the signs.This mystical and highly protective stone is associated with upper chakras and is known for its ability to boost spiritual and psychic gifts. It creates protective shield which prevents negativity of any kind (♥ including our own dark side ♥)  allowing  synchronicity to flow . 


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