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Metallic Power Bracelet

Looking to add a new bold and impactful statement piece of jewelry to your collection?  Our handcrafted metallic power multi-strand bracelet might just be what you are looking for. 


A metallic power triple strand bracelet is a fashion-forward and attention-grabbing accessory, perfect for individuals who want to showcase their bold and contemporary style.



Whether you go with TeraHertz or Hematite  beads you will get a stylish and versatile piece of jewelry that features an elegant silver clasp that sparkles with  sophistication while it serves as the  connecting bridge between the three strands of metallic beads of your choice. The middle strand has a double spike crystal bead adding  a touch of mystery to the bracelet.


In addition to its  unique and attractive look Hematite is also considered  grounding and protective crystal that strengthens our connection with the earth . 


Terahertz is a man  made stone that carries strong powers offering amazing coloring and a distinct shine that catches the eye.

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6.5", 7.25"

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Hematite, TeraHertz


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