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4Stone Power Necklace

27 inch long Black Spinel, Larimar,  Aquamarine Necklace

& Shungite Triangle Pendant

GP 925 Silver Adjustable ( 1.5  inch) Clasp


Out of stock



calms the mind and clears up confusion.

Black Spinel

a beautiful protective crystal that is connected with energy renewal and rejuvenation and repels negativity.


stimulates upper chakras, raises consciousness and harmonizes body and soul  to new vibration. It stimulates creativity and removes self-imposed blockages.



is  a 2 billion year old  natural  mineral  consisting almost entirely of carbon that purifies  negative emotions and energies and transmute them into lighter vibrations.  Its origin is still not solved but there is a speculation that the shungites are the remains of planet Phaethon  which once existed in our solar system . Ancient Slavs praised shungite for its magical properties  but mystery of its healing powers was never solved .


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