RA Citrine Choker Necklace

handmade beaded tire shape cut,  high quality citrine and  black spinel cubes choker.


21 inches / 53 cm

925 findings 


1 in stock


Citrine has a wide color range from pale and lemon yellow to reddish brown  and a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale  which makes it durable,  scratch resistant and one of the most desired yellow stones for handmade  jewelry .

Citrine is often confused with Yellow Topaz, only,  Yellow Topaz is more valuable than Citrine so be careful when purchasing Yellow Topaz jewelry because some will sell Citrine as Topaz.

In the spiritual realm  Citrine is one of the stones that never needs cleansing. It carries the cleansing and regenerating energy of the Sun.  It is warm, playful,  energizing, healing, powerful, creative and protective. It’s often used to assist in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities.





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