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Shungite Space Decor




Shungite is a 2 billion year old natural mineral consisting  mainly of carbon. There are rumors that the Shungites are the remains of planet Phaethon which once existed in our Solar System.  – ! How cool is that ? –


These remains can be found in only one place on Earth which is Karelia . And that is where all of our Shungite products come from.  Ancient Slavs praised Shungite for its magical properties, and at the end of the 20th century scientist helped us understand what some of those might be.


Shungite is one of the  few natural minerals in the world to contain fullerenes which is  specific molecular formation of carbon that acts as powerful antioxidant.  Fullerenes  was first discovered in scientific laboratories when trying to model processes occurring in space, and later was discovered in earth’s crust. 

When interacting with a person Shungite is selective in its action thanks to its powerful ion exchange properties .


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