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Citrine Sol Choker Necklace

Our Men’s Citrine Choker Necklace is  a bold and distinctive accessory that brings a touch of sunlit warmth and confident style to your look.


Crafted with the modern man in mind, this choker seamlessly combines the vibrant energy of Citrine with sleek design for an effortlessly sophisticated appeal.


As a stone of manifestation and prosperity, Citrine is believed to inspire confidence and success, making this choker not just a fashion statement but a symbolic accessory.




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Citrine  has a wide color range from pale and lemon yellow to reddish brown  and a hardness of  7 on the Mohs scale  which makes it durable,  scratch resistant and one of the most desired yellow stones for handmade  jewelry .


In the spiritual realm  Citrine is one of the stones that never needs cleansing. It carries the cleansing and regenerating energy of the Sun.  It is warm, playful,  energizing, healing, powerful, creative and protective.


Length 21″/53 cm

Sterling Silver Clasp




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