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Unique Triple Strand Bracelet

A unique and distinctive piece of jewelry that features a powerful combination  of

Lava and pyrite beads, with a 10 mm genuine Citrine bead in the center guarded by two Black Jet bicone beads.

Not only is this piece of jewelry unique, but it is also versatile and suitable for various occasions. Whether worn as an everyday accessory or complementing a more formal outfit, this bracelet adds a touch of individuality and style.




The Triple-Strand Bracelet is a unique combination of carefully chosen Lava, Pyrite, and citrine, with a layer of gold-plated brass chain for a more cohesive and appealing look.


Lava Rock offers subtle earth energy which is calm, steady and strong,  and fire which is unpredictable but potent.


Lava beads are porous and black in color providing  a natural and earthy contrast to the metallic shine of Pyrite which is a beautiful mineral with natural occurring brassy gold color.


Pyrite is  also known as Fool’s Gold  and is a great symbol for prosperity,  good fortune and  protection . Pyrite beads in the bracelet add a touch of luster and a metallic sheen to the overall look.


Citrine is one of the stones that never needs cleansing. It carries the cleansing and regenerating energy of the Sun. It is warm, playful, energizing, powerful, creative and protective.


Citrine bead in the bracelet adds a pop of color and a sense of playfulness and positivity. The sunny tones of Citrine complement the metallic and earthy elements in the bracelet.

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